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When I think back to the beginning stages of my hormone imbalance, I knew something was off, but I had no idea where to even start. From horrible PMS and painful periods to being given the birth control pill (which I was on for 10 years)... to gut issues, skin issues, thyroid issues, low energy, and brain fog...I've been there.

So I devoted years to learning about the woman's body and WHY this happens. After getting a Master's degree in Nutritional Science, working with various Functional Medicine Doctors, spending many hours doing research on women's hormones, and working with many women who were all experiencing similar symptoms -
I finally figured out the key nutrition and lifestyle strategies to recalibrate your body! 

You deserve to feel your best and it starts with optimizing your hormones.

The good news?
I'm here to help!

Imagine this...

You finally reach your body composition goals after years of believing you have tried all.the.things.

You now feel  confident and empowered knowing exactly how to nourish your body (say goodbye to trying every diet and goodbye to spending hours searching google for answers only to end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed that nothing has worked for you)

You have energy all throughout the day without relying on caffeine

Yes, this is possible for you!

You no longer feel constantly bloated

what past clients
have said...

Bloating & GI discomfort gone

- Adelle

“I am so grateful to have been introduced to Julia! I have been battling with chronic bloating and GI discomfort for a couple years now. And after our first week together, I could confidently say that that feeling has not returned!! She has taught me so much during our time together and for the first time in years I finally feel like I have a solid plan to succeed and overcome this!” 

what past clients have said...

Energy levels at an all-time high! 

- Angie

“Prior to working with Julia, I would feel fatigue, lack of energy, and had poor sleep. I heavily became dependent on caffeine to get me through a day. Now, my energy levels have never been better. I no longer feel groggy when I wake up, and my energy levels within my workouts are at an all- time high. I am so grateful that Julia was able to get to the root cause of the problem. Working with Julia has been an absolute blessing.

what past clients
have said...

Improved sleep, energy and mental clarity

- Stacey

“Working with Julia was exactly what I needed. She listened to me and reassured me that feeling this way wasn't normal and that there was hope!  I have been following her recommendations for food and supplements based on my DUTCH test for a few months, and I feel a huge difference in my energy level, sleep quality and mental clarity."

what past clients
have said...

Feeling more confident & empowered

Feeling more confident & empowered


Julia Glanz

Registered Dietitian
Masters Degree in Nutritional Science
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Women's Health & Hormone Specialist

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Your hormones impact your energy, weight, mood, metabolism and so much more. Learn which foods will support your hormones and WHY. You'll get delicious recipes and a done-for-you meal plan to nourish your body and hormones with key nutrients you need to feel your best.

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